Men's Rugby

Club History

The CBU Men's Rugby Club existed for many years at Cape Breton University but in the last 5 years has really established itself as a first-class successful club. With the introduction of Head Coach Bobby Head in 2013, the program laid its foundation for what it has become today. From 2013-2016, there was a bigger than ever before pushing for the recruitment of new players and Bobby did well to train them in the basics and help establish a winning culture. In those 3 years, the team reached the playoffs each time but fell short in the semi-finals in each of those years. For the 2017 season, Bobby stepped away and was replaced by new coach Marcus Cook who brought an element of heavy conditioning and more advanced skill development to the team. Coach Cook brought a more powerful playing style in the forwards and a quicker playing style in the backs. With another big recruitment effort to back that up, the team managed to win the NS championship for the first time in 10 years by defeating StFX. The score was 46-14 and the team was awarded the Wood Cup. The 2018 season sees the addition of Brent Kay to the coaching staff coaching the backs while Marcus coaches the forwards.  This year has also seen our highest number of rookies, players overall, and experience and skill.

Former Captains

2014 Matt Campbell
2015 Brent Huang/Patrick Azer
2016 Patrick Azer
2017 Patrick Azer
2018 Patrick Azer



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