Waters & Budhoo help CAPERS stay undefeated

Waters & Budhoo help CAPERS stay undefeated

Sydney, NS - The CAPERS shutout Moncton today, the final score being 2-0 for the CBU Capers. In the first 10 minutes of the game Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK)  CBU had two great looks but Moncton keeper stood strong, 

A lot of great coaches in sports say that the best offense is a great defense and that is very true with these Capers working hard on defense to get great looks on offense. In the 16th minute, the Capers got 2 amazing looks at the net but the Moncton goalie made 2 back to back incredible saves to keep the game scoreless. At the 18th minute a great look by Calen Budhoo (Winnipeg, NB) in front of the net to squeeze past the Moncton fullbacks and keeper to score a goal that gave Cape Breton the 1-0 lead. Isaiah Johnston (Milton, ON) has another great look but another great save by Moncton's keeper Christian Masimengo. 

 It's was a real back and forth game with neither team giving an inch and playing great tough ball trying to get their team ahead and on top. In the 29th minute Isaiah Johnston (Milton, ON) had a great corner kick across the net but it was wide to the right. Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) had another chance right after, but the Moncton keeper kept his great performance alive along with his team's chances by making another stop to keep the score at 1-0. Another player that had a great game but won't show up on the stats is number 17 Raine Lyn (Oakville, ON) making some great saves at the sideline to keep the ball in play. 

The second half started the same as the first with a shoot-first approach from CBU trying everything to get past the Moncton keeper as he got peppered from all angles by forward Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) trying to find the back of the net! It was a very tough game with lots of aggressive play and the game intensity was at an all-time high as you could hear from across the field the coaches and benches cheering on their respective squads. The referees were calling the game very tight, not letting anyone get away with anything trying to make the game as clean as possible.


In the 64th minute Moncton had a nice chance but great job by CBU's Peter Schale (Bernkastel-Kues, DE) to deflect the shot and send it wide. In the 68th minute, Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) was rewarded for all his hard work with a beauty of a pass from Marcus Campanile (Edinburgh, UK) that gave the Capers a 2-0 lead heading towards the end of this game. In the 74th min Cory Bent (Preston, UK) had a great look at the net but the shot went just wide.


Towards the end of this game, it was the defensive mindset by the Capers that kept Moncton away from their keeper and made sure they got minimal shots on goal for the entire game! 


Next matchup for the Capers is October 5th at 5:15PM as CBU takes on Mount Allison


For CBU Athletics/ Daniel Briand