Gould & Waters each score brace to lead Capers over Mounties.

Gould & Waters each score brace to lead Capers over Mounties.

(Sydney, NS)- The Capers took on Mount Allison today on a very cold windy evening on the pitch. The Capers started the game with a lot of new faces giving the young guns a chance to show what they're made of while a few people on the Capers team were dealing with illness. Early in the game, both sides were trying to get a feel for the weather, the Capers played more of a defensive game to start, making sure that they did not get burned by the wind. While Cape Breton tried to adjust for the weather, two of their first shots went high above the crossbar, one by Raine Lyn (Oakville, ON) and the other by Jesse MacIntyre (New Waterford, N.S). Jesse MacIntyre had a great cross in the 22nd minute but the Mounties keeper made a great save to disrupt any CBU players looking for a head on it. In the 35th minute, Capers Isaiah Johnston (Milton, ON)  has a great look but with the strong winds it went off to the side.



Starting the 2nd half coach Morley put in a few of his regular starters to shake up the lineup. Within the first five minutes of the 2nd half, Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) had 2 great looks at the net but they were both wide. At the 51st minute, Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) did a great move to get through the defenders and get an amazing look at the net but again the wind blew it high and it just hit off the crossbar. The CBU Capers team definitely stepped up the intensity for the second half coming out strong. In the 58th minute Lewis White (Musselburgh, UK) had a great bicycle-style kick after a corner kick but again the Capers had no luck finding the back of the net. 


In a barrage of scoring, Michael Gould (Linlithgow. UK) scored a great goal to open up the scoring assisted by Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) and Charlie wasn't done yet because in the 64th minute he scored a goal of his own by way of a penalty kick to open up the scoring and let the Capers get a 2-0 lead. In the 69th minute Michael Gould (Linlithgow. UK)had another good look but the keeper from the Mounties deflected it to keep the score 2-0. In the 73rd minute Michael Gould (Linlithgow. UK) kept his great game going by assisting Daniel Williams (Pierrefonds, QC) for his first goal of the game to give the Capers a strong 3-0 lead late in the 2nd half.


In the 78th minute Michael Gould (Linlithgow. UK)  didn't slow his dominating game down at all getting an assist from Jack Simpson (Redding, UK) and scoring a great goal, for his second goal of the game and giving the capers the 4-0 lead. On the last run of the game, Cory Bent (Preston, UK) gave a great pass to Charlie Waters (Blackpool, UK) for the final goal of the game to give the final score of 5-0.


For his high offense and great goal scoring your Subway Player of the game was Michael Gould (Linlithgow. UK).


If you would like to catch the Capers men's team play next you can come to CBU and watch as the Capers take on STFX on October 18th at 7.15 pm.


For CBU Athletics/ Daniel Briand